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How is the idea ?


Currently, the security forces, bodies and emergency services of the state, carry out their own competitions, especially careers.

After the success in other competitions, such as the global and European police and firefighter games, we believe that we should include all of them without leaving any of them aside.

With this idea we believe that we must improve motivation and camaraderie among all the forces and what better way to do it under a healthy and teamwork environment.


Phisycal Tests

In the chosen tests, demonstration of strength, endurance, explosiveness and combat skills and reflexes, qualities required and necessary for the performance of their work will be made.

Tug of War

Olympic sport between 1900 and 1920. Currently the International Federation of Tug of War (TWIF) organizes world championships by national teams every two years, for indoor and outdoor tournaments and a similar team competition. Two teams of 4 line up at the end of a rope (approximately 10 centimeters in circumference). The rope is marked with a central line and two marks four meters from each side of the center of the line. The team starts with the center line directly on a marked line and once the contest (the pull) has started, they try to pull the other team until the closest mark to the opposing team crosses the center line, or when they commit a foul (when a member of the team falls or sits, The positions of the participants can be chosen freely and strategically.
Strength Explosivity Endurance Fight Reflexes

Mate Carryng Relay Race

Just like a traditional relay race but the relay is my mate , which is transported in the back. Free and strategically the team will make pairs establishing an exit order. Unless improper behavior, such as pushing or obstructing the opposing team, the race will not be penalized or stopped due to lack of strength or fall in a relay. In case of fall or tiredness, you cannot move forward if you do not have the corresponding partner on your back with your feet in the air.
Strength Explosivity Endurance Fight Reflexes

Pugil stick War

Original game of the American television event '' American Gladiators '', aired weekly from September 1989 and May 1996. Bounded by a circularly placed rope on the ground, a competitor faces against another in a hand-to-hand battle with a padded stick. Contestants equipped with a helmet and bib will attempt to remove their opponent from the circle or throw their opponents.
Strength Explosivity Endurance Fight Reflexes


The two trenches, one in each corner, will be the meeting place for spectators and family members of participants. From there you will be able to visualize the war and cheer on the favorite team while shooting, eating, drinking and listening to music in our Food Trucks and animations.
Sport Good vibes Brotherhood Solidarity Fun

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